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About Subira Vs. Movement 

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Lauren Horn

Pronunciation: Su-Beer-Rah

Origin: Swahili

Meaning: Patience is rewarded

Photo by Semaj Campbell

lauren small.png

LAUREN HORN is a movement and text-based artist from Windsor, CT. She graduated from Amherst College with degrees in Psychology and Theatre and Dance. Lauren’s work explores identity and the ways it can be uncovered, marginalized, highlighted, and erased. By utilizing movement and text as means of fostering a more welcoming form of vulnerability, the work creates a space for self-reflection and conversation for both the performer and viewer. Another aspect of Lauren’s work is entrenched in creating a dialogue around our current society’s relationship to technology. From the Silent Generation to Generation Z, she wants to understand how groups of individuals, in each living generation, feel that technology has affected their expression of their true self. Lauren’s choreographic work has been showcased at The Studio of Contemporary Dance and Thought in Northampton, MA, The Northampton Center for the Arts, Amherst College and ACDFA New England. 
Lauren has performed with Deborah Goffe’s Scapegoat Garden, Dante Brown’s Warehouse Dance Company, Arien Wilkerson’s TNMOT AZTRO, Wendy Woodson, Katie Martin and Jennifer Nugent. While in the Five College Dance Consortium, Lauren has studied under Paul Matteson, Angie Hauser, Jim Coleman, Shayla Jenkins, Paul Dennis and Caroline Fermin. She has also performed in repertory works of The Bebe Miller Company, Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane Company, Delfos Danza Contemporanea and Gallim Dance Company. 


Photo by Robyn Farley


Lauren Horn// Subira vs. Movement is a movement and text based company dedicated to the exploration of identity and its relationship to technology. Each work strives to encourage the audience to reflect upon their own unique identities and contemplate the ways in which they view, marginalize, accept and or reject the identities of others. This exploration of identity runs parallel to an investigation of the ever growing digital realm and the ways in which technology can hinder, highlight and expand our ever changing identities.


Chantal Edwards-Matthews, Jasmine McPherson, Loren Milledge, Matthew Holliday, Marvin Bell, Alice Grendon, Leah Maillie, Maggie Golder, Katy Esper, Madeline Clyne, SJ Doi, Leah


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