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Lauren Horn//Subira Vs. Movement

A movement and text based company with a focus on identity and technology.

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“Renaissance Gyal” is a choreographic work, set on a cast of five Black women, that explores the ways in which Black women have set a precedence for culture in America, while simultaneously being erased. In “Renaissance Gyal” the term Black is used heterogeneously. The Black women of “Renaissance Gyal” encompass the experiences of those of Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latina, Afro-American and African heritage who have come to live in America and it is their stories that are told throughout the piece. Renaissance Gyal is a reflection of  how American Blackness is a melting pot of many different cultures that unite under the term of Blackness. Drawing upon our shared collective histories, we will explore the following questions in “Renaissance Gyal”: How is culture created? How is culture passed down generationally? How is culture brought over on a boat or a plane? What parts of our generational culture persist and what parts are lost?

Current Work: "Reniassance Gyal"

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